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AquaGems Bottle Sleep Well

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AquaGems Bottle Sleep Well

Hypersthene is to help create calm and serenity when you are simply tired and need to unwind.

White Howlite to help you relax you as you sleep and Clear Quartz to help amplify the energies.

All stones have been selected to help you sleep or relax and unwind!

Drinking water charged with crystals is one of the easiest ways of combining the healing energy of crystals into our body on a vibrational level. it can be described as homeopathic remedies which have been considered over thousands of years as a healing aid.

Drinking water can assist in strengthening your immune system, helps all your body systems function, increases the release of toxins and this can assist in weight loss.

As time has gone on, crystals have become a big part of holistic practices.

Water with Gemstones combination has been practised for thousands of years in history. As time has gone on, crystals have become a big part of therapeutic and holistic practices.

Each bottle holds 500ml of liquid.

Weight 954 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 30 cm


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